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Welcome to Papaw's Dulcimers!
I hope you will find the information you seek on my site. If you don't, however, please feel free to contact me.
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Welcome, I'm Bill Rich, the sole builder of each Papaw's Dulcimer. If there's something not quite right, I'm the responsible party. I select the wood, determine it's suitability for use and perform every other aspect of the process right up to set-up and stringing. My wife, Kay, is the inspector general and every now and again finds something that sends Papaw back to the shop.

I retired from the Engineering field back in '97. In 2000 Kay thought she'd like to have a dulcimer. Being a woodworker, and having a bit of a music background, (and being cheap) I thought: " I'll get a kit ! " Well, after only two years, the kit became a dulcimer. Then there was one for the daughter's family and one for the son's family and one for sister-in-law and one for a special niece and one as a wedding gift . . . Lo and Behold, I wasn't retired anymore ! As of this writing I've fashioned over 380 dulcimers.

In the Dulcimer World that qualifies me as a serious beginner.
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Each of these photos has a Quick-link to other pages of interest.
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Papaw's Dulcimers
Each one with . . . "A Voice So Clear It Almost Speaks the Words"