Soundholes are a necessary feature of the Dulcimer. Without them the instrument can't breathe. The soundholes allow the Soundboard to vibrate and move the surrounding air. The soundboard acts as the principal speaker cone for the Dulcimer. The size and placement of the soundholes affect the performance of the instrument. Of course, it's a bonus if the soundholes lend a nice appearance to the instrument.
Without a doubt, the COMET cutout
is Papaw's "Signature" soundboard opening.

And even though I've been called an "old-stick-in-the-mud", I can be convinced to Live on the Wild Side from time to time. Consequently, I herewith present a few alternatives to the tried and true COMET.

As a matter of fact, to show my sincerity, I shall refrain from presenting the COMET here. I shall make you hunt one down on another page of this site.

So there !
papaws_may11011014.jpg papaws_may11011006.jpg papaws_may11011005.jpg
Papaw's Dulcimers
Each one with . . . "A Voice So Clear It Almost Speaks the Words"
papaws_may11011002.jpg papaws_may11011001.jpg